Call it a CRASH not an ACCIDENT

If you are a patient of my chiropractic clinic in SE Portland, you will notice that the term “car accident” is not used as often in conversation or medical reports as you might expect. Ever wonder why?

To many of us, the terms car “accident,” “crash,” and “collision” are synonymous. Yet NHTSA (the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) has recommended those in the safety community abandon the use of the term “accident.”

While still used frequently, the term “car accident” may carry with it the connotation that an event was not only unintentional, but unavoidable. It distances the party responsible for the crash from the culpability. “After all, it was just an accident.” In the medicolegal realm, this may have large implications.
car crash image
The term “crash” or “collision” may be a more accurate description of the event. While there may be several factors contributing to the collision between two vehicles, at least one report has shown that 93% of all MVC (Motor Vehicle Crashes) were found to be the result of human error – such as inattention or recognition delays – rather than environmental factors - such as road conditions.

So while some may pass off your injuries as the result of “just an accident,” to us at Manual Medicine & Rehabilitation Chiropractic in SE Portland they are as serious to us as they are to you. Call us at (503) 774-3778 to set up an appoinment.

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