DOT Drug Test - Randomly selected more than once per year?

Ocassionally questions regarding DOT drug testing procedures comes up. Frequently asked questions (FAQs) such as:
  • Why did I get selected for random drug testing MORE THAN ONCE this year?
  • I already got selected for random DOT drug tests.  I know other people didn't get picked...
  • Am I more likely to get picked for random drug tests if my name begins with the letter...
  • Is the boss singling me out? I just did a random last month?
  • Joe, never gets tested? I don’t think this thing is random at all!

The Department of Transportation (DOT) drug testing policies are well outlined in 49 CFR Part 40, but to clarify the answer:
DOT Drug test cup image

"EVERYONE in the pool must have an equal chance of being selected and tested in EACH selection period."

"The reality is that in a truly random selection process, a high probability exists that some employees will be selected several times while others may never be selected.
"Why? Because after each selection, the employee’s name is returned to the same pool, and he or she becomes just as likely as anyone else to be selected next time."

So while it may feel like you were singled out, it's just the random selection process working like it should. At Manual Medicine & Rehabilitation Chiropractic clinic in Portland OR, we use computer software to randomize the process for our DOT Drug consortium. More answers about the requirements can be found here.
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